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Wink Studios is thrilled to announce that we are venturing into new territory. We are now expanding into the art community. Currently, our focus is on literary publications featuring photography,  photojournalism, and photographic art which is expansive in itself but also opens up opportunities for gallery curation as well as curation and commissioning of other art mediums.

Curation, Commissioning & Publication is now officially a part of our business repertoire. This year we will be working with some spectacular artists and programs bringing visions of all types of art mediums to life.  We are so excited to enter into this new space! If you have any questions regarding this new division of Wink Studios please contact Alexis at

Wink Studios would like to present our first book publication:

We March Forth: The Beauty of Women's Activism

This book is an exploration of women's activism around the world through the lens of photographic art.  Here we will take a closer look at the powerful work of photographers and photojournalists from around the world revealing the stories of those actively engaging in the progression of women’s rights and exposing many of the veiled struggles that women are faced with across the globe. Each photograph, taken by independent photographers, was hand selected for the beautiful way that the photographer was able to show the variety of different styles of women's protests as well as the extensive and egregious human rights violations that women encounter from country to country.  

To learn more about the We March Forth: The Beauty of Women's Activism book please visit 

The author (Alexis Woodford Demko, Director of Wink Studios) will donate profits to be used to provide a copy of the We March Forth book to each of the independent photographers and photojournalists whose work appears in the book. All other author's profits will be donated to organizations that are making positive changes for women and girls across the globe.
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